Accessories and additions for Akpo cooker hoods allow our customers to customize the product to their own needs.

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Metal accessories

Accessories for hoods. From light bulbs, panels, and filters to metal coverings.

Modern appliances are measured by their performance and ergonomics, as well as the availability of any accessories and spare parts. This principle should also apply to the equipment of every kitchen. Hoods are devices that facilitate comfortable work in the kitchen. They are exposed to long-term operation in difficult conditions, hence the need for every professional shop to offer all the necessary hood accessories.

The most popular cooker hood accessories.

In our shop, you will find kitchen hood accessories that you should always have on hand as a spare. These include halogen bulbs and energy-saving LED bulbs. And while we're on the subject of lighting, it's also worth taking a look at our efficient and extremely elegant linear lighting, where the light source is of course the proven LEDs. We also offer various types of control panels and universal remote controls, equipped with clever magnets so that the device is always close at hand. But that's not all. We also have pipes of various diameters, reducing elbows and grilles, which will prove useful in aesthetically arranging particularly awkward high kitchens.

Aluminium filters for hoods.

At the heart of every cooker hood are special replaceable filters. These are the filters that keep your cooker hood working properly and ensure cleanliness and safety. Aluminium hood filters are most commonly found in the form of a rectangular frame, made up of four layers of aluminium mesh. They are responsible for absorbing grease, dirt, and bacteria. These are reusable filters that should be removed and cleaned at least once a month, and replaced if necessary. Disassembly itself is extremely easy and intuitive. They are widely used in most traditional cooker hoods.

Carbon filters for hoods.

A separate group is the carbon hood filters. They are used in appliances equipped with the air circulation function. They are most often in the form of disks with active carbon. They neutralise odors generated in the process of cooking. Carbon filters are recommended to be replaced at least once every three months, depending on the frequency of cooking. Apart from filters for various purposes and parameters, our offer includes all necessary accessories. We invite you to visit our shop. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you choose products meeting your expectations.