Island hoods

Island hoods are one of the most important elements in a modern kitchen. We recommend this solution especially for owners of open kitchens!

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Island hoods

A kitchen island appears more and more often in many homes. Then, it becomes the center of the kitchen. This is where island hoods come to the rescue - devices that leave the air clean and healthy. Currently, they are one of the most modern solutions in the kitchen. It is the perfect choice for all those who want their kitchen to be spacious and comfortable. Island kitchen hoods are an unusual decoration, being an original piece of equipment.

Modern island hoods - a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen all year round

The main task of island hoods is to remove unpleasant odors. AKPO island hoods are therefore an excellent choice. Thanks to them, even intense cooking aromas are not a problem. Modern island hoods are placed directly above the hob. They will effectively deal with vapors and clean the air in the room. By choosing the AKPO island hood, you will always have a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

Island hoods - choose your design

Island hoods available on the market can take various shapes. The AKPO assortment includes a variety of cooker hoods in the shape of, for example, a tube, an inverted letter T, or hoods hanging on lines that resemble an elegant lamp. Such a wide range allows you to choose a product that will suit the preferences of even the most demanding customers. In addition, one can choose from various color variants: white island hood, black island hood, or inox island hood. Modern island hoods are a must-have for the contemporary kitchen!

Island hoods - operating modes

AKPO island hoods can work in two modes:

-as an extractor connected to a ventilation chimney

-as an island kitchen absorber working in a closed circuit

Not all hoods have both modes. Of course, the first solution is the most effective. However, it is not always possible to connect the hood to the ventilation duct. In such a case, the island hood will work as an island kitchen hood, which, when installed following the instructions, will also work perfectly as an air purifier.

Island hoods - a choice for years

Modern island hoods are very technologically advanced devices! Modern technologies allow you to control the device from the user level, e.g. with a remote control. In addition, island hoods are a combination of functionality and original, unusual design, which ultimately affects the appearance of the room. The owners of AKPO island hoods will be able to enjoy their functioning for many years!