Induction hobs

Induction hobs are safer, more efficient and faster than traditional cookers. Akpo induction hobs are characterized by their modern design and functionality.

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Induction hobs as an alternative to traditional cookers

Today, more and more people are using induction hobs. Induction hobs are also chosen more and more often as basic equipment by developers who take care of finishing houses. On we have at your disposal induction hobs, which will appeal to every, even very picky, person.

The induction hobs we have in our offer are of various sizes. They can be adapted for built-in houses, islands, and small kitchenettes, depending on the style in which the kitchen is created and the needs of the cook. Everyone who cooks has their own habits. Many people find that two cooking fields are enough for them, and some need five. Depending on needs and habits we offer hobs with a different number of cooking fields. What is important, the hobs offered in our shop are intuitive. Learning to use them and getting used to a new way of cooking and frying will not be a problem even for people who are not fond of novelties.

Induction hob - let's think about safety features

Every induction hob, besides the basic essential functions, is equipped with additional solutions. If there are children in the house, it's worth considering a hob with a built-in child safety device. And if you happen to forget to put water in the pot, it's worth checking whether the hob has an automatic shut-off function. Every aspect is important when choosing an induction hob. An induction hob should be tailored to the needs of a particular household, so we invite you to read the descriptions of the models available in our shop.

Induction cooker = saved energy

An induction cooker should be present in every flat. It is worth changing gas cookers for such a solution because of safety, but also energy efficiency. An induction cooker saves costs because it consumes little electricity. Additionally, the cooker allows for faster cooking.

Induction cookers - a wide selection

When checking induction cookers, it is worth considering the place where they are to be installed. On induction cookers come in various widths and lengths and their appearance allows them to fit into elegant and modern interiors.

The appearance and size of the cookers allow them to be installed even in small rooms. Thanks to their shape and the material they are made of as well as their colour they are one of the most frequently chosen induction cookers. is a place where elegant design is combined with practical solutions, therefore the cookers we offer will not only match the interior but will also be loved by people who will use them on a daily basis.