Ceramic hobs

Ceramic plates mean the comfort of use, aesthetic appearance, and low energy consumption. When you buy a ceramic hob with the Akpo mark, you can be sure that it is a product of the highest quality.

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Fashionable and modern ceramic hobs.

A real home begins with the kitchen. It is where the best culinary creations are created, delighting all household members. It is from the kitchen that each new day begins, carrying like good news the smell of aromatic, stimulating coffee. No wonder the kitchen deserves the best setting. Ceramic hobs will certainly fit in with any modern kitchen arrangement. We can choose hobs equipped with four or two heating fields, respectively 58 cm and 38 cm wide, in classic black and trendy white.

Not only a hob. When is a ceramic cooker better?

A more traditional and less demanding product is a ceramic cooker. It can be used in places where it is not technically possible or simply necessary to install built-in furniture. It is a very good solution retaining all the advantages of ceramic hobs, enclosed in a compact form. It will certainly prove useful when looking for a kitchen integrated with an oven. Among the wide range of ceramic ovens, we will also find the smallest, two-burner, economical, portable models, which will fit into smaller rooms or will be useful while travelling.

A ceramic hob is full of advantages.

The ceramic hob offers many advantages that cannot be found in other solutions. First of all, it looks beautiful and certainly emphasizes the prestige of modernist kitchen interiors. Its frameless design gives the impression of naturalness and elegance. It has a perfectly smooth surface, without the indentations typical of classic burner cookers, which means that there are no spaces on its surface where dirt could accumulate. A feeling of safety is very important in the kitchen. The "childlock" function will prevent children from starting the hob. Heating fields heat up within seconds, the heat does not radiate to other areas, and immediately after switching off the surface returns to its natural temperature. For even better control, the hobs are equipped with precise timers.

Ceramic hotplate hob will change the face of every kitchen.

Ceramic hotplate hob is an extremely effective and economical solution, more and more boldly entering our homes, displacing traditional burner cookers, and ultimately changing the landscape of a modern kitchen. We invite you to take a look at our offer. We believe that this is where you will find the ideal and dream product.