Undercabinet hoods

Under-cabinet hoods are built-in hoods, designed to be mounted directly in the kitchen cabinets. It is a perfect solution for rooms with a small area.

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WK-12 Light Plus
WK-12 Light Plus
WK-11 Micra Glass
WK-7 Micra Glass
WK-7-LIGHT-GLASS-TOUCH-60-CZARNY-MAT-Pasek_0002b kopia
WK-7 Light Glass Touch Black
WK-7 Light Glass Touch
WK-7 Light Eco RK
WK-7 Light eco 50-czarny-z-czarnym-filtrem-01
WK-7 Light Eco
WK-10 Neva glass 60 czarny 2
WK-12 Neva Glass Gest
WK-7 Light twin 60 inox(1)
WK-7 Light

Under-cabinet hoods - an essential element of your kitchen

A kitchen is a place where we not only prepare meals but also spend time together for long conversations or quick chats. It is important that the space is comfortable for us, which is why proper ventilation becomes so crucial for cleanliness and health. The fumes produced when cooking a variety of dishes require investment in an under-cupboard hood. The resulting steam contains large amounts of fat, moisture, and an unpleasant odor. The extraction or purification of the vapors is the only correct solution. Otherwise, they will begin to be felt everywhere - they will consume clothes, equipment, or furniture. Remember that fat promotes the presence of numerous harmful microorganisms in the form of fungi, mold, and bacteria. The hood will efficiently remove problematic particles from the air.

We will point out the advantages - reach for under-cabinet cooker hoods

The first profit is generated by the perfect absorption of steam. In addition, if you often fry meat dishes with onions, you will certainly feel a specific smell. After some time, this turns out to be bothersome, under-cupboard hoods remove the unbearable smell. The air is also free of vapors, small particles of fat, and of course carbon monoxide. The product may take the form of an extractor. What does it mean? The hood takes the polluted air to the outside or absorbs it using a filter. In addition, the appearance of the presented products guarantees a perfect complement to the kitchen decor.

Under-cabinet hood 60 is one of the main sizes

Usually, the product reaches a width of 60 cm. We have a variety of variants, but this one is the most popular. The under-cabinet hood 60 takes up a small space. We can also freely place the product. Placed under the kitchen cupboard, right next to the wall, it will fit in practically any kitchen. We recommend models such as WK-7 Medium, WK-7 P-3050 / P3060, or WK-7 K50 / K60 Glass.

Efficiency combined with the highest quality, i.e. under-cabinet hood

Under-cupboard cooker hoods are made of various materials that are defined by their durability. This way, you can choose stainless steel, galvanized sheet and black or white painted sheet, although these are of course not the only options. Speed ​​of operation and energy efficiency - especially when buying hoods equipped with LED lighting, make our hood much more durable.

Best to see for yourself. Don't wait, check them out. We cordially invite you for shopping!