Economical hoods

Economical hoods prove that high-quality workmanship can go hand in hand with efficiency. Designed to be a real pleasure to use.

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Economical hood - a combination of quality and efficiency

Each room in which meals are prepared needs a device that is able to capture unnecessary odors. The economical hood is a great solution for all those who like to hang out in the kitchen and at the same time not have to deal with the lingering smell of garlic or other distinct spices floating in the air. Thanks to the cooperation of engineers and designers, the economical hood will serve you for many years, while becoming an extremely easy and accessible device to use.

Economical hoods - a wide selection

For many years now, the kitchen has ceased to be only a cooking room. It became a place for spending time with loved ones, both daily and during meetings with friends. Therefore, economical hoods can not only be of utility value, so that being in the kitchen can be a pleasure and not a duty. The design team made sure that customers could choose the economical hoods offered by our company in various shapes, both round and rectangular.

Which kitchen will an economical hood fit into?

As already mentioned, an economical hood must also meet the visual requirements. In addition to various shapes, the company allows you to choose a color scheme that suits your needs. When looking for neutrality or minimalism in the kitchen, the most frequently chosen solutions are white, gray, and brown. Some people are looking for a greater extravagance that will fit perfectly in the cross-section of the entire room. For such people, other color lines, called antique varnishes, were created. Copper, gold, or ash will find many favorable votes, especially when designing a kitchen in a specific, expressive style in advance.

Economical hood - technical parameters

The visual impression is at the highest level, but the same also applies to the efficiency and effectiveness of the device. An economical hood should be easy to use with the highest quality at the same time. The efficiency and power of the hood go hand in hand with the relatively low decibel level produced by the economical hood. In other words, air will be absorbed without having to cover the ears to block out the device. The nominal capacity of the turbine is 320 m3 / h, while the overall power of the hood is 84 W.