Chimney hoods

Chimney hoods are traditionally located directly above the stove, in the heart of the room. Therefore, it is important that they are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Chimney hoods - always in fashion

Chimney hoods are solutions that have been present in many kitchens for years and are still not losing their popularity. Their success is due to the fact that we like to surround ourselves with proven, beautiful, and universal objects. This is also the case with furnishing the kitchen. For many years, AKPO has been creating original solutions for every kitchen. The offer includes chimney cooker hoods that will fit perfectly into the decor of any kitchen: classic or more modern. They have an interesting design so that each customer can choose a pattern, which will meet their requirements.

Chimney cooker hoods

The AKPO offer has solutions for every kitchen. It includes high-quality, safe-to-use chimney cooker hoods. They are available in many designs, colors, and finally different variants of the finish. The AKPO assortment also includes models that can be controlled by a gesture, a convenient remote control, or an electronic panel.

Chimney hood - which one to choose?

Regardless of the chosen design, the AKPO chimney hood functions perfectly. The assortment includes chimney hoods that fit perfectly into contemporary customer preferences. The black chimney hood has been experiencing a renaissance for a long time. The multitude of available AKPO solutions guarantees that everyone will find a solution for their dream kitchen.

Universal cooker hood

The most popular and most frequently chosen among customers is the chimney hood 60. This is the optimal width that provides comfortable conditions in the kitchen without taking up too much space. In small kitchens - due to the small space - chimney hoods 50 are popular. AKPO chimney hoods are defined by good performance, thanks to which we can be sure of a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen at all times.

Chimney hoods - universal solutions

Chimney hoods are most often placed against the wall above the stove. AKPO chimney hoods can work in two modes - the exhaust mode and the absorber mode. A chimney hood 50 or a chimney hood 60 operating in exhaust mode is a device connected to a ventilation duct that discharges vapors out of the room. The absorber, on the other hand, is a working hood with additionally installed filters that absorb unpleasant odors. They are also equipped with grease filters. When choosing AKPO chimney hoods, you have a guarantee of choosing a product tailored to individual needs, which will perfectly fulfill its function for years.